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My name is Lisa Weathers-Hall and I am Head of Schools for Genesis Christian Day Schools and Learning Centers.   Thank you for visiting our site. As a young mother, I remember the excitement of preparing for my son’s first days of preschool.  I had spent many hours examining the offering of area schools.  I was looking for a Christian school that would challenge him academically and teach the values we had begun to instill in him at home.  I made phone calls, visited various schools and spent time in their classrooms.  I asked the questions most parents ask.  I compared tuition and fees and considered the commute to the different locations.  Finally, I made my choice and enrolled my son.


The early days of my son’s schooling were challenging.  He never wanted to stay.  I was concerned about his unhappiness but I initially chalked it up to the newness of the situation.  My son was bright and inquisitive.  He loved learning.  He learned quickly.  He loved playing with other children.  But he didn’t like the school.  He never wanted to go to school.  Watching my son as he interacted with the teachers in his school and listening to him each day, I began to wonder what exactly makes school a pleasant experience for children.  Reading a newspaper article about an organization called the National Learning Laboratory, I began my search for answers.




Working closely with the National Learning Laboratory over the next


several years, I came to understand how important the learning environment is, and how critical teachers’ attitudes and behavior are in shaping students’ ideas and feelings about school.


This was the beginning of my quest to create learning environments where children experience the excitement of learning and the warmth of a nurturing atmosphere.  Genesis Christian Day Schools and Learning Centers were born out of my desire to make children’s earliest and most important learning experiences the best they can be.

I invite you to visit us and see for yourself what a special school experience Genesis offers.


•  A nurturing learning environment where

    students are encouraged and expected to



 Loving discipline that builds students’ self-

   esteem and encourages the development of  

   good  decision making and self-control


 An accelerated, rich and comprehensive Bible-

    based curriculum


 Caring, and qualified teachers who make

    learning fun


 Special activities that encourage family



 Spacious, colorful classrooms and play areas


 Affordable tuition and convenient payment



 Exciting summer enrichment programs